My Theo Wanne makes me feel safe and gives resources to do the unimaginable and play my music with feeling, passion and power.


André Paganelli (born April 15, 1972 in São Paulo) is an Brazilian smooth jazz and adult contemporary saxophonist. Paganelli is also an author, writer, composer and arranger. In Brazil respected opinions of people who consider him one of the most influential music artists of his generation. Adapted to modern musical language, Paganelli approaches his music with feeling, passion and power.

Since 1998 he has broken boundaries by playing on their tours various cities in Brazil, United States, Switzerland, England, Portugal, Italy, Spain, France and Israel.

Paganelli has been recognized by major awards in his career. He received the Brazilian Society of Education and the Integration "Quality Gold Award Culture." He was the winner of "Talent Award" with the CD Tribute to Israel. He
was also honored twice by the Musicians' Association of Brazil, the largest Federal autarchy music in Brazil. In 2010 he received an honorable mention for his performance and valuable professional dedication to music as art and culture. In 2012 he received the diploma of "Merit Award", the highest award granted by an organ music Federal.

The label Bompastor Record honored him with the "Golden Disc" for more than 200 000 albums sold and for three years was honored with the "Award Magnificent."Paganelli is a member of the Latin GRAMMY, the Association of Musicians of Brazil (OMB) and the Brazilian Association of Regents Arrangers and Musicians (ABRAMUS). He graduated from the Faculty of Music Free IMER where he received two certificates: Master of Saxophone and Master of Arrangement and Conducting. This educational institution honored him with the the certificate of Merit for his exceptional prominence in studies with music.

With 16 CDs and 2 DVDs under his belt and many collaboration CD, Paganelli definitely earned its place in the music world as a player, composer and producer. Paganelli had sold over 300,000 albums in the Brazil alone, number too expressive for the Brazilian reality. Paganelli is the brand endorser EAGLE, manufacturer of musical instruments operating in Brazil. The same line produced the professional saxophone that bears his name: "EPS-10 André Paganelli Signature Series". It is the first saxophone in Brazil to take the name of a musician instrumentalist. The brand markets and highlights André Paganelli with references throughout the country.

In 1998 he recorded "Spirit and Art," his first solo CD. Throughout the 1990s and into the 2000s (decade), Paganelli continued to release albums: “Spirit and Art II” came out in 1999 and “Christmas Songs” in 2000. By 2000, he had switched to Alliance Records, where he released “Instrumental Praise 3”. “Love by Grace” followed in 2001 on the Paradoxx Music label, followed by “NVI Concert” and “Classics of Gospel” in 2002. In 2003, he signed to Bompastor Records, issuing “Walking for Target” iin June of that year and “Meditation” in 2005. “Duets: piano and sax” came out in 2007 along with "Tribute to Israel"on the Beth Shalom label.

In 2009 he recorded his first live DVD at the playhouse Via Funchal in São Paulo. Paganelli was accompanied by his band, orchestra, vocals, metal, dance team and famous singers invited to share the stage with friends. Acclaimed by the public, in 2010 his DVD "Live In Concert Friends" participates in the 11th Annual Latin Grammy competing in three different categories.

In 2010, once again the Alliance Records invited him to record the series "Instrumental Praise" in its 8th edition.

In 2011 Paganelli released two unprecedented projects. The first was the DVD "One day of Musicians" recorded at the legendary Village Studios in Los Angeles. Paganelli recorded on audio and video playing his meeting with renowned saxophonist Eric Marienthal. The second project was the release of “Kids Instrumental” for the child audience. The following year he recorded the CD "Profile" that brings beautiful solos with great interpretation.

Benchmark your country, Paganelli released two educational materials: the book "The Profile Worshipper" (2009, Art Editorial) that addresses topics such as music, theology, and ethics training and Songbook "Best of" André Paganelli " (2011, Coluna 7) containing the scores with the soils that are part of a collection of his various albums ever recorded.

Paganelli is more than a musician successful entrepreneur. He has the ability to surprise the audience with something out of the ordinary. Paganelli gives his audience what they come for - a great show!