BIG SAXY - BIG SAXY & The Mechanics


I have searched for many years for exactly what the DURGA provides. With the help of its design and my creativity, the DURGA delivers! Then I discovered the black nickel Mantra! I have many saxophones and have played most every sax available, Nothing compares! By design it will deliver anything the saxophonists wields it to do! The right tool for the job is important to me as a musical instrument repair specialist and a motorcyclist. Why should it be any different as a SAXOPHONIST? Theo Wanne Musical Products are the ONLY tools for the job in my book!


"I grew up in the Texas music scene. My father began teaching me at the early age of 7, he was a saxman that taught me everything he knew. I wanted to know more, so I went to the places where the music that I liked was being played. I spent my teenage years playing in every Honkytonk & Blues Joint I could find! Over the years I performed with all levels of local acts and several well know artists. Blues is my first love, but I enjoy playing and singing jazz, country, classic rock and what ever pays the bills!

For 26 years, I have been repairing musical instruments.I knew at the age of 5 that I wanted to repair musical instruments and I started as an apprentice in musical instrument repair at the age of 12 in East Texas. I am a member of NAPBIRT and I service all novice and professional woodwind, brass, stringed, electronic and percussive instruments.
I am the service manager for Manning Music in Topeka, KS. Manning Music is a full service Band & Orchestra retail & service center. We offer many quality named brand musical instruments for sale and rent. For more information about Manning Music, visit"


Why did you choose to become a musician?
I wanted to be like my Dad!

What is your experience when you feel connected into the music?
WOW! I like the surprised look on peoples faces when they are hearing me perform what I love for the first time, BLUES!

What is your experience of when you don't feel connected to your music?
It's a job and I'm watching the clock until it's time to go home. You know, that frustrated headache at the base of your head to your shoulders!

Where does your inspiration comes from? What does it feel like?
The musicians I am performing with, in that moment. If we all come together, I feed off that. If that sync isn't there, we're in for a long night.

What is your experience while improvising? Does it relate to any spirituality you may practice in your life?
For me, its a language of melody. The song is a conversation and my solo and fill work are my expressive opinion on the topic .

Where does your inspiration while composing come from? What is your experience of that inspiration like?
I play many styles of music, but I have always been into BLUES. First, I have a deep love and respect for BLUES. Second, my inspiration comes from the empathy for others' and my personal trials. Some would call it pain or sorrow. I have experienced my unfortunate share. But, its a chance for me to lay down that feeling in hope that it reaches someone and they might know that their not alone.

Do you have any fun stories of inspirational moments to share?
I was playing with the house band at RL's Blues Palace in Dallas, years ago and Little Milton was the Headlining act that night and as we left the stage. Milton grabbed my shoulder and said to me " Now, that's the way it should be done" and winked! Later he signed my Buescher Aristocrat Tenor and a few months later I sold it to a guy who was fascinated with Milton. I told him it was hard to let it go at a $1,000.00, then we settled at $4,000.00. So, I dug one of my other Tenors out of the closet to fix up to sell, I mean play! :)