DOMINIC AMATO - Sister Sledge, George Benson, Jamie Foxx


After years of searching for the right tenor mouthpiece my search is over... DATTA!!!! The DATTA is by far the most versatile and dynamic tenor mouthpiece I have ever played. I can get a full core sound at low volume and really be able to turn it up when I dig into it. The low notes to the high notes are consistent & the tone is rich and full. Theo has me sold!


Contemporary Jazz Artist and Musical Director for the Award Winning Artist
Sister Sledge. Dominic has served as Musical Director for international tours to France,
England, Germany, Morocco, Beirut, Netherlands, Ibiza Spain, Cuixmala Mexico,
Switzerland & across the United States.

Dominic Has Performed with: Sister Sledge, Kool & the Gang, Jamie Foxx, R&B Artist
Tamia, George Benson, Latin Group "Tierra", Jeff Lorber, Brian Bromberg, Peter White,
Eric Marienthal, Bassist Jeff Berlin, Joey De Francesco, Actor/Comedian - Dana Carvey.
Appeared twice on BETJazz TV show "Studio Jams"
In Studio performance at XM Satellite Radio "Watercolors"
Performed at the 2009 NBA ALL-Star Game celebration in Phoenix, AZ.

Has performed or served as Musical Director for Corporate events & private parties with
clients that include: Coca-Cola, Matell Toys, NBA, Justin Timberlake, Velveeta Cheese,
Davidoff Cigars, Avnet, SRP, Juice Plus +, Arizona Diamondbacks, Stryker Medical,
Barrett Jackson, Childhelp, Jerry Colangelo, Jason Kidd & Amare Stoudamire.


Why did you choose to become a musician?
I think music chose me... I grew up on the road traveling with my parents bands. My father is a saxophonist & mother is a multi-instrumentalist. We lived out of hotels and casinos until I was 7 years old.. I feel tremendously blessed to have grown up in that sort of culture. My father started me on drums at 3 yrs old and then I switched to saxophone at 13.

What is your experience when you feel connected into the music?
It's an incredible feeling to be connected or "locked in" to the music. All of the time practicing & studying comes out of you and you really find out what kind of musician you are when it's time to play music. I also feel that music is "the great equalizer".. I say this because it doesn't matter how many people you've performed with, records you've played on, people you've studied with... When the downbeat happens, your music and musicianship will show people right where you're at.. No more talking, it's time to play.

What is your experience of when you don't feel connected to your music?
I think a lack of inspiration and not practicing can cause a major disconnect with the music. I also believe that if you've been playing the same songs with the same band & you're not forcing yourself to grow one can find a disconnect to music.

Where does your inspiration comes from? What does it feel like?
I'm inspired daily by my wife & kids, God and the drive to take my musicianship to another level. I never want to plateau as a player, composer, band leader or business man. I keep an open mind to all music and try to learn and grow from the music of the world & the musicians that have come before me. What does it feel like? It feels amazing.. I can't say how grateful I am to play music for a living and be able to travel all over the world connecting with people through the art form of music.. It's amazing!!!

What is your experience while improvising? Does it relate to any spirituality you may practice in your life?
I believe that when you practice, the scales, chords, modes and ideas become stored in your subconscious. An improvisatory situation will draw this information out of you and it's incredible to have the freedom to express yourself through the art of improvising.

Where does your inspiration while composing come from? What is your experience of that inspiration like?
God, family, situations/influences in life and traveling.

Do you have any fun stories of inspirational moments to share?
Often times composers can go through "writers block"... It's always great when we feel that we are creative, inspired and motivated by the things in our life that drives us. I think that music whether its instrumental or lyrical can say a thousand words. It's such an amazing feeling to write a song and then go have your band perform it and people enjoy it. It's also very encouraging to write a song and that song turn out to be a hit on the radio! I was blessed to have had that opportunity with a song I wrote in 2011 called "New Creation". It went to #2 on the Jazz charts and stayed in the Top 10 for seven consecutive months.