DON HILL - Billie Holiday, Louie Armstrong


LOVE the mouthpiece! WOW!


I had trouble talking when I was growing up. I stuttered so bad, in school they constantly made fun of me. I listened to the radio all the time and knew then that music was where it was at. I was one to never let anything, or anyone get the better of me, so I picked up the alto and made it do the talking for me. I played all the reeds but the alto was my baby. At 23yrs old I got to play in Louie Armstrongs (POPS) big band He was so great that he never needed more than one take at a rehearsal on a new song, from then on he was my mentor. I wouldn`t let up til I was the best. They called me the master blaster. My energy started slipping as I got older, by the time The Treniers were over after 55 yrs it was time to put the alto to bed and played only the tenor UNTIL at a jam session with my musical family, Artie Schroeck and Linda November and Georgie Young, Georgie had this mouthpiece he wanted me to try. He said "Pappy" his nicname for me, try this. WOW what a wakeup call that was. I flipped out. It was the most amazing mouthpiece I ever played GAIA#6.It played so free and easy. I`m 90 and I am going to play forever with this. The alto is now out of bed and the masterblaster is reborn.