The first time that I tried the Durga baritone saxophone mouthpiece, I felt like I had so much freedom on the sound and it was so full. The open chamber in this mouthpiece is so great that it is easier to control the high and lower registers on the horn without difficulty. After playing the bari sax piece for a while, I wanted to get the hard rubber Kali for my alto sax and it is the best mouthpiece that I have ever had. It gives me the sound and the volume that I need to play popular music. On the tenor sax I use the Mantra, which gives me a centered and warm sound with lots of power, easy to control.


Born in Humacao, Puerto Rico. Emily Sierra plays many instruments, specializing in

the saxophone. The Alto Saxophone is her principal instrument. Emily plays with many

famous Latin artists, touring national acts, churches, theaters, and local bands. Her style

and skills are eclectic: Gospel, Motown, Salsa, Rock, Jazz, Psychedelic Tribal and more!

Emily has a Bachelor's Degree in Saxophone from the Puerto Rico Conservatory

of Music and a Master's Degree in Saxophone Performance from The University of

Cincinnati. Her vast performance experience includes playing with Freddy Kenton, Tito

Puente Jr., The Temptations Review, Gilberto Santa Rosa, and The Four Tops. Emily

began performing on popular television shows in Puerto Rico at the age of 17. She has

also done musical recordings for several Latin Music artists.

Emily’s music and energy defy bounds and limits. She was the first student (and first

female) to obtain a degree in her chosen discipline from the Puerto Rico Conservatory of

Music. Not only is she passionate about playing music, she also dances for Pones, Inc.,

bringing art and movement into communities and businesses. Emily is also skilled in

Latin percussion and background vocals.

Currently Emily is the lead saxophone performer for The Mother of Christ Church in

Cincinnati and the Cincinnati Black Theatre Company. She is working on her first solo

album to be released soon.