I have been playing on a Theo Wanne Durga #8 alto mouthpiece for almost two years and it has literally changed my life. I have tested out many other mouthpieces but this one is hands down the best mouthpiece I have ever used. I love the tone I am able to get from it and the control is amazing. I can go from a dark smooth sound to an explosive edgy sound in seconds, with little to no effort. It’s such a versatile mouthpiece and really makes my work easy as a player.


Gianluca is a talented Bermudian saxophonist whose musicianship also flows into the fields of composing, song writing and producing. He has received training in various genres from Wendell Shine Hayward, Yuniet Prieto Lombida (The National School of Arts, in Cuba), and is currently studying with Dr. David Brennan.

Gianluca is completing degrees in both Business Management and Music Technology at La Sierra University. At La Sierra University has been involved with the Wind Ensemble, Big Band, Saxophone Quartet and Jazz Combo. He has performed in Jamaica, Canada, Cuba, South Africa, Spain, United States and Bermuda. He has also worked and performed with artists such as Shelea Frazier, Turbo T. Double, Latino Christian Contemporary group “Forgiven,” and Pop group “The Lylas.” Currently he is very active as the leader of his Gospel/ Jazz Fusion band HTG (

Gianluca is eager to share all that he has learned, with God guiding him every step of the way. Find out more at


What is your experience when you feel connected into the music?
I have come to the realization that music is more than just mere contours in harmony, or the blend of beats and rests. Music is a universal language that surpasses cultural barriers and time zones. It has expanded my mind leading me into new regions of creativity. Due to my love for music and long hours spent developing my skills, I strive to master this creativity. As my mind is opened, these newfound skills leak into everything that I touch. I have incorporated discipline and imaginative thinking into my thirst to learn more. The ultimate goal is to reach my full potential.

Do you have any fun stories of inspirational moments to share?
In September 2014 I performed with my band HTG at a Live Music Showcase event that took place in the Foundation Room at the House of Blues. It was our first performance at this venue and we were pumped. Halfway through our first song the whole room was already alive. People were on their feet dancing and moving, you could feel the energy radiating from the audience. At the close of our set we were showered with applause and compliments. To make things even better the Warner Bros. Representative who was judging the event chose my band HTG as the number one act for the night out of all the 12+ performers. He then personally invited us to meet with him at his Warner Bros. office for a full consultation and to discuss our future.