When I played the first tone on my Amma tenor mouthpiece, I realized that I have reached a new dimension to my sound idea. Smooth, warm and the higher tones are like a sunbeam. Powerful and perfect intonation. I haven't played a better mouthpiece anywhere. I am so happy thanks, Theo.


Saxophone and theremin player Gilda Razani was born in Teheran / Iran . She studied saxophone at the music high school Detmold/Germany with the conclusion of an orchestral musician She also took part in a master course of Sigurd Rascher at the Berlin Academy of Arts and studied jazz . After that she felt at home with both, classical and jazz/world music. She played with the Landes Jugend Jazz Orchestra.Also Gilda played in the orchestra when Karl Heinz Stockhausen's opus 'Sternenklang' was performed and conducted by the maestro himself.
She learned the instrument Theremin by Lydia Kavina and Carolina Eyck. In addition, Gilda Razani worked among others with John Lee, Trilok Gurtu , Roy Assaf , Thomas Alkier , Max Raabe, Selim Sessler , FM Einheit ,Casper Brötzmann and played in the Helmut Zerlett band on TV in the Harald Schmidt Show . She is a member of the ensemble 'The Dorf ' . With she toured through Italy, Holland Poland , Lithuania, Lebanon, Estonia and played at many festivals.
Her main project is About Aphrodite:
Gilda Razani - theremin/ saxophone
Hans Wanning - electronics/ piano
From club to techno and back to house they are shaping her very own and unique style by combining live electronic with acoustic instruments.
From 100 to 140 bpm, inspired by the great symphony of the world:
deep beat programming,shimmering synths,warm analog pads, expressive piano parts,virtuous or minimal,a unconventional beautiful sounding saxophone , and - the theremin: magic, divalike , unique!
Contemporary live electronica , which arises in the moment.
2014 they released her first Album Ocean Lily on Aztek Electronic Music /Australia.