I’ve been playing the saxophone for 33 years with the last 26 years working as a professional performer.

I received my BA in saxophone performance under Jeffrey Lerner from the University of Houston where I performed in numerous wind ensembles, chamber groups and jazz bands.

I played in several local jazz, blues, rock and R&B bands at the time. Performing, teaching up to 15 sax students weekly and my music scholarship paid my way through school.

Over the last 10 years, now living in Southern California I’ve focused my saxophone playing on electronic dance music (EDM).

I perform live alongside DJ’s in dance clubs and festivals as well as work with DJs and producers creating original and remixed recordings in the studio. I enjoy bringing a uniquely live musical element o an otherwise pre-produced musical genre. I perform 6-10 times per month throughout Southern California with several residencies in San Diego. I travel to perform through out the Southwest U.S. and Northern California as well.