The GAIA mouthpiece, it is the most expressive and versatile mouthpiece I have ever played. I realize that I have reached a new dimension to my idea of sound, powerful and with projection. It´s totally even over the whole horn. Wonderful!


Juan Alzate is considered one of the most important jazz saxophone players and educator in Mexico and several Latin-America countries. He teaches at Conservatorio de Las Rosas, Universidad de Michoacan and Escuela DIM in Mexico City, give clinics, master classes and concerts with his own group and like soloist also, around Mexico and other Latin-America countries and with different ensambles in Venezuela, Taiwan, USA and Canada. He studied at Escuela Popular de Bellas Artes of Universidad de Michoacán, the Conservatorio de Las Rosas and Berklee College in Boston. Juan also studied with Jerry Bergonzi and attended Dave Liebman´s master class at East Stroudsburg University. Juan has shared the music set with Mark Levine, Antonio Sánchez, John Benitez, Bruce Forman, Ignacio Berroa, Paquito D´Rivera, Muhal Richard Abrams, Greg Osby, Bobby Watson and many others. Juan has recorded eight CD´s: El eco en la piel; Bajo el signo del jazz with Mark Levine; Autorretratos; Hablar en Jazz; Jugadores de Jazz; Minnewanka, Premonición y El Jazz y la Furia. Juan philosophy is: "One of the marvelous things about being a musician is that you can play universal music and make new friends".


Why did you choose to become a musician?
Because my music is the spiritual expression of who I am, my faith, my knowledge, my being and essence.