KARL HUNTER - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy


I use an Ambika 7* metal and an Ambika 7* hard rubber on tenor, a Gaia 7*on soprano and a Theo Wanne prototype mouthpiece on Alto. I really dig how the Ambikas make my tenor sound. They are open in the upper register but retain a warm sound. And the sound remains warm throughout the horn. Articulation is aided as well as the Ambika has a big centered sound. Altissimo notes are open a very easy to achieve and manipulate. Pitch is centered, especially in the palm keys, which can be problematic with some mouthpieces. I really like how versatile the Ambika piece is. I can approximate an ol' school Coleman Hawkins/ Sam Butera sound AND a modern Michael Brecker/ Lenny Pickett sound by just adjusting my embouchure. The last thing you want to be thinking about on stage is why you can't achieve the note or sound you desire because you are fighting with your mouthpiece. Theo's mouthpieces let me create without any distractions. I'm very pleased and honored to be a part of the Theo Wanne endorsee family.