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Musician born and live in São José dos Campos-São Paulo-BRAZIL, began his musical career in 1990 playing guitar in his church

(CHURCH OF THE FOURSQUARE GOSPEL), migrated to the saxophone in 1993.
Already in 1994 he was invited to record a CD and join the VIDA RELUZ BAND, a band of Catholic charismatic renewal.

Despite starting as a "self-taught" in 1998, after recording the 2nd CD with the band and participating in several other CDs of singers (as the 1st CD Padre Fábio de Melo in 1996) as well as bands Catholic and Protestant, felt the need to learn music theory. This year he joined FAMUSC
(College of Music and Arts Santa Cecilia) in the course of Bachelor of Saxophone.
With the passage of time and the recognition of his work, took music as a profession in 2002. In 2005 he recorded the 1st instrumental CD with pianist Gilbert "Gilbert & Marquinho interpret Vida Reluz".
This CD was released on the same label the "Vida Reluz" band which took part, Paulinas-COMEP, label with distribution INTERNATIONAL who took this job for 17 countries.
Subsequently in 2006 they recorded their 2nd CD "Marquinho & Gilbert interpret Father Fabio de Melo" and after two years touting by Brazil in "Pocket shows", workshops and TV Shows in May 2008 released their 3rd CD "Marquinho & Gilbert interpret Walmir Alencar "
in 2010 "Marquinho & Gilbert interpret Father Zezinho" and the latest released in December 2012 is "Marquinho & Gilbert interpret Christmas Classics".
The recognition among saxophonists, especially in the world of catholic music occurs by Marquinho Sax was one of the forerunners of the saxophone, because until 1994, when the band Life Reluz released her 1st CD which reached bandage greater than 90,000 copies.
Since then Marquinho went on to record with various singers and gospel bands.
After teaching for 14 years in your area (Paraíba Valley) Marquinho Sax today provides "advice" to his fellow students and even teachers to students outside of Brazil through the internet.

Since 2011 Marquinho Sax has a chair Senior Professor in SAX.MyMusicTalk.


Why did you choose to become a musician?
I affirm that I did not choose the music but music choose me! I began my studies to play in the church and then with several invitations to play with singers and musical bands, the music became a hobby to profession for this reason I am VERY HAPPY AND BLESSED with my job!