MIGUEL GANDELMAN - The Tonight Show Band


Theo's mouthpiece let's me get closer and closer to the sound I hear inside me.


Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Gandelman comes from a family of musicians and was raised in a world of art. His first steps were taken on stages while touring with his father and at age 7, he composed and performed his own composition for the Italian feature film 'Pure Juice.'When he was 10, the Brazilian press featured him as a 'rising star' and soon after, Gandelman was participating in studio recording sessions that now pay homage to some of his father's own work as well as a myriad of other Brazilian artists.At 16, Gandelman received the North American Scholarship to study Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mass. Upon graduating, he moved to Los Angeles.Gandelman, Randy Ellis, Raymond C. Monteiro and Garrett Smith make up the horn section of the 'Tonight Show Band.' The four musicians have been playing together since 2003. After continually crossing paths they formed their own group, simply called The Horns, and have since gone on to play with some of biggest names in the music business including Christina Aguilera, Prince, the Jonas Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Sting, James Brown, The Black Eyed Peas, Earth, Wind and Fire, James Taylor, Babyface, Whitney Houston, B.B.King, Diana Ross, Justin Timberlake, Jamie Foxx, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, John Mayer, Jennifer Hudson, Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin and Shakira.Saxophonist Miguel Gandelman joined 'The Tonight Show Band' under the musical direction of Rickey Minor in 2010.Band Associations:On Stage / Studio:Jonas BrothersChristina AguileraPrinceDiana RossStevie WonderStingJames TaylorWhitney HoustonBabyfaceB.B. KingEarth, Wind and FirePatti LabelleJohn MayerJustin TimberlakeShakiraAlicia KeysMariah CareyJennifer HudsonJamie FoxxMusiq SouLchildRaphael SaadiqHouse Band:American IdolBET Celebration of GospelClive Davis Grammy PartyUNCFMovie Sountrack:DreamGirlsWorld Tours:Jonas Brothers World TourChristina Aguilera Number One Hits TourChristina Aguilera Back to Basics World TourBabyface Grown and Sexy World Tour


Why did you choose to become a musician?
I was born in a family of musicians. Music has been part of my life since day one. But I chose to be a musician after recognizing and developing my own relationship with music.

What is your experience when you feel connected into the music?
Music is a language. Communication is a beautiful thing no matter what language you speak. Music is a universal language. Expressing yourself, understanding others, speaking, listening, feeling and learning.

What is your experience of when you don't feel connected to your music?
Music is an art form. But also a job. There will be plenty of times in anyones career where they will experience music for its job value. But even so, there will always be a connection

Where does your inspiration comes from? What does it feel like?
Louis Armstrong said it best “What we play is life”.

What is your experience while improvising? Does it relate to any spirituality you may practice in your life?
Improvising is one of the most liberating feelings. Just close your eyes and concentrate on communicating yourself the best way you can. It’s almost like a dream, but the listener gets to experience it too. It can also be used in specific situations in a very methodical way.

Where does your inspiration while composing come from? What is your experience of that inspiration like?
Composing is one more form of expression. Sometimes a lot more structured than improvising but just as creative and personal.

Do you have any fun stories of inspirational moments to share?
After first learning how to play around false fingerings on the saxophone, I wrote my first real song which I named after my favorite dish at that time (7yrs old): Fried Crepes. The song went on to be in the Italian motion picture “Pure Juice”.