MIKE PARLETT - Michael J Parlett


When I first tried the DURGA I was simply blown away by the power and response of this beautifully crafted mouthpiece. The mouthpiece has incredible projection and presence but with the warmth and finesse that other 'Super Power' pieces out there lack. I would have no hesitation in saying, with its revolutionary and unique design, ease of playing in all registers including effortless harmonics and easy sub-tones make this the best tenor sax mouthpiece available today!


Mike Parlett is a prominent British saxophonist who plays all saxophones, the shofar, flute, piccolo, Indian flutes, and the WX7 Wind Synthesizer. Michael is often seen playing two saxs at the same time ala Roland Kirk. He obtained his Bachelor Music degree at Goldsmiths, University of London and thereafter, a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate of Education) at the Middlesex University in 1994. Relocating to the USA in 2006, in 2007 Mike performed alongside Peabo Bryson at the Playboy Jazz Festival in Los Angeles, California.Mike currently runs his own management company, agency and record label, Talented Productions, while also broadcasting his radio show, The Mike Parlett Show on Solar Radio, via internet to the UK from his own studio in Southern California.

Michael is proud to be releasing his new CD in September and has already released his new single Motown Jammin'!