NIGEL MCGILL - McGill Music Sax School


I love the flexibility of the Theo Wanne mouthpieces. I’m performing in a number of styles constantly from jazz to Rock and Roll, pop and smooth jazz. The Ambika tenor and Gaia alto mouthpieces give me the flexibility to sound great every time, and they are a dream in the studio. Without a doubt these are the best mouthpieces I have ever owned.


Nigel is the founder of McGill Music Sax School which is the largest online saxophone learning website with members in over 70 countries. The huge library of video lessons in Sax School draws on Nigel’s experience as a performer and musical director over the last 25 years which has seen him perform extensively at festivals, theatres and clubs across Australia, the USA and Europe. Nigel has recorded sessions for hit TV shows including “24” and conducted big bands in London’s West End and across Europe. For the past 10 years Nigel has lead the big band for the award winning West End show “Rat Pack - Live from Las Vegas” and has been the band leader for UK artist Dominic Halpin with a non-stop performing schedule in the UK, Europe and Canada.


What is your experience when you feel connected into the music?
I think you can tell when you are fully engaged in the music you are making - whatever the style. The world around you just disappears and the only thing you are aware of is the music you’re making. That’s the feeling I’m aiming for in every performance.

Do you have any fun stories of inspirational moments to share?
I have been very fortunate that music has taken me all over the world as a performer and allowed me to connect with people from so many countries through my Sax School. I’m constantly reminded how music is such an international language and saxophone is something that everyone can share. That is very cool!