I have owned and played on so many different mouthpieces throughout the years. I have been searching for the right mouthpiece for me, the one that can handle all of my shows. I needed a mouthpiece that could be beautiful, dark, and haunting and then fierce, energetic, and brilliant. I have finally found that mouthpiece. Thank you Theo.


Highly regarded as one of the most energetic and versatile saxophonists on the scene today. Being active in performing jazz, classical and many other world and modern styles of music make Patrick sought after as a performer and educator. Whether it’s as a side man or with his own group, Patrick has always been able to connect with his audience. Patrick has been a featured guest artist on tours to Kansas City, New Orleans, Memphis, and Natchez, Mississippi for their annual music festival. As an educator Patrick has presented clinics and master classes in the U.S., Mexico and Malaysia, and has been a featured artist and performer for many concerts and music festivals. Patrick Trahan is the former saxophonist for five time Grammy Award Winning Little Joe y La Familia. While Patrick toured with Little Joe, he performed in many notable venues across the nation and has had the opportunity to share the stage with many great artists.


Why did you choose to become a musician?
I fell in love with music at a very early age, it was the one thing growing up that I wanted to consistently make better every day. I began playing music in second grade and by the time I was in sixth grade I knew I wanted to play the saxophone. My parents help shape the music I would eventually love to play the most, R&B. That was what I heard in the house growing up, it was a part of me.

What is your experience when you feel connected into the music?
When I feel connected to the music, my entire body resonates with joy. Inside I know that everything is going as planned and everyone in the group feels it too. It's magical!!!

What is your experience of when you don't feel connected to your music?
When I don't feel connected to the music, it's just a bad day. Everyone has bad days. I just make the best of what’s happening and hope that it doesn't happen again. Me not being connected doesn't happen much, I learned from a great teacher early on, that I have to take my bad days and make them good days, and take my good days and make them great!

Where does your inspiration comes from? What does it feel like?
My inspiration comes from my life experiences. I've been through some tough things in life and I know that I can not let little things defeat me. I've also had some very joyous moments in life and they inspire me to tell some beautiful stories through my music.

What is your experience while improvising? Does it relate to any spirituality you may practice in your life?
What I experience while improvising is wonderful, the ability to tell the audience what I feel without ever saying a word to them. The ability to improvise is a gift, so yes, it does relate to my spirituality. I know that I was given the talent and ability to play music and improvise and as I perform I completely try to free my mind, erase what I'm thinking about and let my spirituality guide me through my music.

Where does your inspiration while composing come from? What is your experience of that inspiration like?
My inspiration comes from my life experiences as well. While I compose I narrow things down to very specific events in my life and tell the story of that one particular event. There are so many details to share and so many moments to talk about. I must paint the picture for my listener, so that there is no confusion.

Do you have any fun stories of inspirational moments to share?
One of the best inspirational things I have done, is to teach kids music. One day it hit me. Raw talent, pure untouched talent. I met two kids one a bass player and one a drummer. The bass player was seventeen and graduating from high school, and the drummer was fourteen, just a baby. These two kids were amazing, the kid on bass was solid and just laid down good time and great lines. But the drummer, was the prodigy child of Dave Weckl and Brian Blade. I worked with both of those kids, real hard. We recorded together and eventually went our separate ways, but to experience the pure energy of kids playing real music, is truly touching.