SAM PHIPPS - Oingo Boingo


Surprisingly responsive and "reed friendly". The switch from a hard rubber soprano mouthpiece to this metal Mantra was seamless! I have hundreds of mouthpieces,haven't had the urge to change since I've played these Mantras!


"Studied with John Klemmer,Sam Rivers,Berklee College of Music.
Performed in New York/Europe with Gunter Hampel,Jeanne Lee,Perry Robinson,Laurence Cook ,Annette Peacock.
Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo.
Founding member of Oingo Boingo.
Boingo Dance Party(to present)Features original Oingo Boingo members.Currently also performing with "When In Rome UK"(Singer Clive Farrington's head seen in my picture!)


What is your experience when you feel connected into the music?
It's nice to be able to play a saxophone and not worry about the "mechanics"(i.e:reeds,horn,mouthpiece)They must all connect,then you can focus on performing to ones best ability.

Do you have any fun stories of inspirational moments to share?
Toured Denmark and Sweden with Annette Peacock,1974. Recorded solo album "Animal Sounds"1980(Re-issued on Wondercap records) Recently recorded with Alex Syntek(Mexican pop star,Grammy winner) for his album"Legends",featuring pop stars of the 80s. Performed the music of Raymond Scott at Disney hall/Redcat theater 2013.